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This special 10th anniversary edition of Transatlanticism is available on vinyl (after several years out of print). The high quality 180-gram double LP comes in a nice gatefold sleeve, with full-color 12-page booklet. The digital release (included with MP3 download in the vinyl version) contains the album tracks, plus an intimate peek into the landmark album's genesis: all eleven original demos, none of which have ever been released before.


  1. The New Year
  2. Lightness
  3. Title And Registration


  1. Expo '86
  2. The Sound Of Settling
  3. Tiny Vessels


  1. Transatlanticism
  2. Passenger Seat


  1. Death Of An Interior Decorator
  2. We Looked Like Giants
  3. A Lack Of Color

*Please note that due to the weight of the vinyl, certain turntables may skip due to the tonearm being too light. A trick for this is to add a penny (or sometimes up to a quarter) on the head of the tone arm before playing the record to prevent the skipping.*