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This coffee was produced for Death Cab's two shows at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA on 10/26/2022 & 10/27/2022 and includes the show dates on the label.


We are so excited to release this collaboration with Bellingham, WA based coffee roaster Camber Coffee. 

The band had been discussing the idea of a coffee partnership with their long time collaborator and photographer Ryan Russell, who is a member of the Camber team, which lead to this special roast to celebrate their new album Asphalt Meadows

This 12oz bag of WHOLE BEAN coffee features a special edition Asphalt Meadows bag label. Details below:

Region: Sidama
Varietal: Heirloom
Elevation: 1900-2100 masl
Processing: Natural
Our tasting notes: black cherry, rose, lime

Natural processed coffees are those produced by allowing the entire coffee cherry to dry fully intact. In many cases, this produces coffee that, while saturated with fruit flavors, lacks balance or terroir. That is not the case here. Nigusse’s coffee is filled with flavors of sweet black cherry, lime, mango, blackberry, and rose.

Nigusse farms ten hectares of land in the Huro Hibiro village of Bensa, Sidama. Here he grows various varieties from the Jimma Agricultural Research Center, selected for their disease resistance, high yield, and cup quality. His coffee is all processed and dried at his family home, and he has consistently produced exceptional natural processed coffees.  

Roast Date: 8/16/22. Recommended to enjoy within 3 months of roast date.